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I have a good sense of humor and I love travelling. My life is like a book, with chapters, some of them funny, some of them interestingly written and s Many sites claim to be free but hit you with surprise charges after you join.

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Dev Net Zone Cisco Live US 2017 is right around the corner and there is SO much we have planned for the Dev Net community, and not just those able to make it in person to Vegas. One of the things I’m most proud of about working at Cisco and in Dev Net, is the large, global community we have, and how we are able to stay connected with everyone, even during the big events like Cisco Live. The first #Cisco Chat will take place on Saturday June 24th at 4 PM Pacific, where we’ll be checking in with the two pre-#CLUS #Dev Net Express events that are taking place the weekend before the main conference starts. ) #Cisco Chats during Cisco Live, where we’ll use the “video everywhere” capabilities of Facebook Live to transport our entire community into the Dev Net Zone so you can see and hear what is going on.Maybe even get a sneak peek at the amazing hands on content being unveiled at the very first Data Center Infrastructure event, or a teaser about what is possible for IT Pros with Cloud Collaboration.Who knows what to expect when the Live feed starts up from Vegas?! And during the Dev Net Happy Hour on Wednesday evening, June 28th at 5pm PT, we will ask the question, “” Silvia will once again go LIVE on Facebook with #Cisco Chat to share some of the most “inspired” answers with everyone far and wide.The full, unedited video of Summit1G getting swatted.Sorry about the weird clipping and black bars but capturing video with chat results in a weird resolution. I'm posting this to warn popular Twitch streamers the dangers of revealing your location and how completely dangerous swatting is.

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Anywho, we live […]Answering your questions today!!Juli Bauer is the creator of where she shares her recipes, thoughts, fashion, workouts, travel and really whatever the hell else she wants to. Am I suppose to talk in the third person in this podcast description? I'm not here to give you the science behind Paleo or a history lesson. So let's chat about stuff while I snack and slurp on some food. Chatting about all of my favorite things as of late while I run errands and cook for my husband before I leave for the Caribbean. Tinkle Face Razors Mind Pump Podcast Collagen Single […]I get an email or two every month with someone asking where to start when it comes to eating paleo, so I thought it would be perfect for talking through on a podcast! I'm literally here to talk about whatever pops into my mind. My French bulldog tends to snore in episodes, I'm easily distracted and completely unqualified to have my own podcast, but hey, that's the world we live in.Footytube as a search engine does not host or upload this material and is not responsible for the content.BET: Uncut was a television program that aired on BET from 2001 until 2006.If you’re not familiar with Dev Net Express, it’s a partnership program between #Dev Net and #Cisco SE, where we box up and bring the Dev Net Zone experience of into your own backyard for one, two or three days of hands-on exploration of Cisco technology.