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Other notable roles include Melanie Cortlandt on the ABC soap opera All My Children, Terri Lowell in the CBS series The Agency, and appearances in American Gothic, NYPD Blue, Party of Five and Person of Interest.

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Jamaican women are raised to know how to fill the belly of their family members with good cooking, and how to keep their home clean. My sister used to mop her kitchen floor every night before going to bed. # 7 The “contrast” is a turn on Many white men tell me they love Jamaican women or black women in general because they like the contrast that the two skin complexions make between their own and the Jamaican woman. Hmpf #9″…the challenge” I think that many men who are not black and date black women do so because they see it kind of like going to a Mexican restaurant when you are not Mexican. Sidebar – I was shocked how easy-going the people in Jamaica living in Jamaica were…I guess I got a bad impression from the Jamaican I have met here.If you run a simple search of women 21-35 who live in Jamaica, you will be able to browse through more than 1000 profiles.

In the same breath, you can hear the island woman, in all her frustration, “Girl I am so sick and tired of these (___insert island heritage here__) men.” Citing constant mantras of “all a dem wutless,” making reference to their slightly accurate dating acumen that island men are more or less engineered to cheat.Believing this, but all at once, hoping to meet the gentleman who will defy this truth.There are a few stages of dating for the ” Caribbean-American female.If we were to calculate the cost of all this, it is indeed a huge financial investment. Loyalty would mean the woman should make sure ‘I am the only man you have’ — no infidelity.The older man, in making this investment hopes to gain a return on his investment. It means ‘being available when I want you because you are kind of my property’.This is not the first time that this question has been raised.