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Easter, the day Christians commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is observed on the first Sunday after the "Pascal Full Moon" (the first full moon of spring) following the spring equinox.That day always occurs on March 21, according to a decree by the early Christian Church at the Council of Nicaea in 325 A. and the Gregorian calendar introduced by Pope Gregory in 1582.Renewed interest in a fixed date arose in the early 21st century, resulting from discussions involving the leaders of Eastern Orthodox, , which was originally observed sometime between sunset on Easter Saturday and sunrise on Easter Sunday.

Read through all of the activities and conversation cards. Add a card to each of the 14 pockets and your are here to assist in guiding your family’s evening conversations as you prepare for Easter.With the Lenten season upon us, it seems only fitting to devote this 96th, and my final, column to Easter.Christmas always falls on December 25, but Easter is quite another matter.T he Julian calendar is 13 days ahead of the Gregorian calendar, meaning "the Orthodox Easter celebration usually occurs later than that celebrated by Protestants and Roman Catholic s," according to Encyclopedia Britannica.is one of those special Easter traditions you’ll want to keep year after year.The Eastern Orthodox Church also applies the formula so that Easter always falls after Passover, since the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ took place after he entered Jerusalem to celebrate Passover.